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Magento Go Migration to Bigcommerce (or Shopify)

eBay owned ecommerce host Magento and made decision to terminate Magento Go service and merge with Bigcommerce or Shopify. eBay gives 7 months before shutting down the services. If you are using Magento Go service, the last day of your online store will be working on February 1, 2015.

eBay is suggesting Bigcommerce or Shopify as a solution for those who want to continue using a hosted service. Both offer free trial periods (15 days for Bigcommerce and 14 days for Shopify). When it comes to migration consumers will have number of options. The options will depend on their needs like product images, product attributes, number of products, categories, customers, orders, customization, extra features, speed , SEO, etc., Both Bigcommerce and Shopify tools migrate your store contents and have some grand modern themes that will get you online selling fast. Our ecommerce website features provide a reliable shopping experience that matches your brand and exact needs.

We specialize in migrating from one store to another store in a short time period without any work interruption. If you prefer either Bigcommerce or Shopify is the best option for your requirements, we look your needs and migrates your store from Magento Go to Bigcommerce or Shopify. Our team of design experts creates eye catching and professional Bigcommerce and Shopify stores. We optimize your web pages as per search engine algorithms and achieve high rankings on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other popular search engines.

  • Domain and URL Conversion.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Products and Categories.
  • Customers and Order Database.
  • Shipping and Tax Management.
  • Content Migration.
  • Store Customization.
  • Complete back-up of your existing store.
  • Demo Migration.
  • External Links.
  • SEO.

Test both Bigcommerce and Shopify, then see which one suits your requirements and choose the better one. Both offer free trial periods (15 days for Bigcommerce and 14 days for Shopify). Overall both are top ecommerce platforms that help to customize your store design. Migrate your store from Magento Go services and enjoy a brand new Bigcommerce or Shopify store. Get Magento Go Migration to Bigcommerce

Check out our Portfolio to have a clear idea.