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Search Engine Optimization

Every website needs to be optimized and promoted to ensure that customers looking for your products or services can find you.

Without question, search engines are the most common tools used to unite customers searching for new businesses. So the question is, how do you best take advantage of search engines to generate business? An Meggnotec Solutions marketing specialist can help you answer this question, but often enough it involves a strategy that focuses on generating quality traffic by creating top listings and quality site content.

Our Search Engine Services Include

  • Consultation and Keyword/Competitor Research to determine realistic goals and the scope of the project
  • Optimization of Site Content
  • Extensive Keyword Analysis
  • Meta-tag Creation
  • Source Code Optimization
  • Site Development Suggestions
  • Search Engine Reports

SEO Process

  • Your advertising goals
  • Explanation of costs associated with SEO advertising
  • Insight on what you can expect
  • Budget recommendations
  • Possible development considerations

Proposal: After the initial discussion we normally run a brief report to determine search volume and competitiveness for particular keywords. With this information we can accurately define the project scope, estimate the amount of work involved and outline an approach to achieve your goals. We will then summarize all of this information is a formal proposal that usually take 2–3 business days to create.

The Initial Optimization Process: All of our optimization services begin with an extensive keyword analysis and site evaluation. The goal of the keyword analysis is to determine the best keywords for your campaign. A search engine professional will consider the following elements when selecting keywords.

  • Relevancy to industry
  • Competition
  • Relevancy to buying process
  • Search volume
  • Site content
  • Phrase credibility

The other major component of the initial optimization is the site evaluation. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate your website by manually reviewing over 50 different points of your website. This evaluation will provide a comprehensive assessment of your website from an optimization stand point. Based on the results of this assessment, the number of hours allotted for initial optimization, and the optimization strategy various changes will be completed (with your approval). In most cases, meta-tags, title tags, homepage content, and major search engine readability factors are address in the initial optimization.

Advanced Site Analytics Configuration: Once the initial optimization has been setup we configure and implement our advanced website tracking system to properly track and measure campaign results.

Campaign Management and Tracking: Once the campaign is launched the monthly campaign optimization and monitoring begins. Day to day search engine results change, algorithms are updated, site content is modified and new competitors pop up so continual optimization and refinements are needed to increase and maintain top rankings. Throughout the process search engine keyword reports can also be requested in addition to the site analytics to provide a comprehensive assessment of your search engine optimization efforts. Your site analytics and reports are also regularly reviewed and analyzed so adjustments can be made to maximize your ROI. A search engine professional is also available throughout the month to answer any questions and offer suggestions throughout the optimization process